Here is some of the feedback I have received from clients I have worked with – for confidentiality reasons names have been changed.

Thank you so much for all you’ve done during my time spent with you, it’s helped me to focus and realise who I really am for the first time.
It was so helpful to have a sympathetic ear to listen with helpful and insightful feedback and analogies.
Thank you so much for all your help and support over the past months. You have helped me turn my life around and I will really miss our sessions.
… with unending gratefulness for all your support.
… had I not had counselling I dread to think what kind of state I would be in now.
Thank you for listening. I’ve really appreciated the time and space to work things through. I feel stronger and more optimistic as a result.
Thank you so much for all your help – the counselling sessions have made a tremendous difference to both of us, now we know exactly where we are going from here. I would certainly recommend your services to any of my friends or relatives who find themselves in a situation where they need your help. We both found you extremely easy to talk to and very easy to get along with.
Peter & Jane
Thank you for all your help Gill. We both found you very professional and amiable. You created exactly the right atmosphere and without a doubt helped us enormously.
It has been helpful to have the time to talk, discuss and see the real picture. All sessions have been helpful and fully worthwhile.
A controlled environment in which we could discuss sensitive real issues without the discussion turning into an argument. This has resulted in real change and more understanding because it teaches you to listen and hear.
Many thanks for your help and the time you have given us.