Associate Counsellors

Below is a selection of professionals who have completed the three-day training ‘Fundamentalist religious childhoods and adult health: Implications for practice in one-to-one therapeutic encounters’ and whose specialist work in this area will be supervised by Dr Gill Harvey.

Lynn Hickman

I am an experienced counsellor who has had the privilege of supporting clients through a wide range of difficulties. 

I understand how hard it is to begin counselling, and my aim is to create a non-judgemental and welcoming relationship to help my clients feel safe. I have been trained in a number of therapeutic approaches to help people process and resolve the difficulties they face; my ways of working include person-centred counselling, cognitive behavioural theory, psychodynamic therapy (how the past is affecting you in the present), and transactional analysis. I am also a qualified trauma counsellor. I work holistically, taking into account your physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing, and will seek to understand how your difficulties are impacting your wider life.

My areas of interest are in relationship difficulties (problematic relationships, separation, divorce, bereavement, bullying and other forms of abuse). I have also helped people to process serious health diagnoses. Following a long career in Human Resources, I also support those who are experiencing difficulties at work. I have experience of working with clients who are struggling with anxiety and depression.

From a faith-based perspective, I am trained to work with religious trauma and spiritual abuse, in which there may be complex power dynamics affecting the client at a soul level. I have also helped a number of clients through the process of training for ordination.

I welcome clients of all faiths and of no faith.

I decided to retrain as a counsellor after recovering from a serious illness. When away from work I enjoy being outdoors, especially when walking my dogs in the countryside. 

Vicky Kalis

MA Couns.&Psych., BA (Hons) Couns. – MBACP, RegCOSRT, Reg. ACC Psychotherapist/Clinical Supervisor/Trainer

I am an Integrative Psychotherapist and been in private practice since 2009. I specialise in working with clients who have experienced trauma through coercive, cultic, religious/spiritual abuse in either mainstream Churches or their offshoots, high-control groups, families or one to one relationship’s. I also specialise in porn and sex compulsivity and sexual difficulties as a result of teachings within those contexts.

Much like the art of kintsugi, I believe beauty can come from areas of struggle and brokenness. I aim to provide a safe, supportive and non-judgemental space for clients to gain a greater sense of safety and stabilisation in their lives, enable understanding of their experiences and consider the changes they may wish to make.  Recovery and reclaiming your life look different for everyone. I offer general individual psychotherapy, trauma therapy and Post-Cult counselling.

Available via Zoom

Cultic, Religious Trauma, Sexual difficulties.


Philip Orr

MA, MRIA, Dip.Couns, MBACP

I am a humanistic counsellor, having trained in gestalt and person-centred therapies. I live and work in Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland and St Albans, Hertfordshire. I have worked in the fields of teaching, the arts, mediation and community education before I trained in counselling. 

I have been deeply influenced by my own fundamentalist Protestant past, and that is a major reason why I feel I can offer you therapeutic support if you want to come to terms with your own experience of ‘high control’ religion. My training has involved close attention to fundamentalist upbringings, where I gained further insights into how this experience can impact on adult mental health and how a route towards personal well-being can be found.

You can find my website at and I can be located on the BACP directory and at I am able to provide virtual sessions on Zoom or by phone, but I can see you on a face-to-face basis if you live within travelling distance of either of the locations I mentioned above.  

I am always open to receiving an initial, non-committal message from you, even if it is just to share your experience or find out more about my counselling practice. Good wishes on your journey.